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The Latest News on the CARES Act

To Our Valued Customers,

Here is the situation with CARES Act SBA Loans -- the expectation that $350 billion in new SBA loans will be available through lenders by tomorrow will likely not be accurate for the vast majority of businesses.

You’re hearing it from us first because we’re dedicated to doing what’s right by you.

I know that news is hard and incredibly frustrating. I share that frustration.

Here are some key updates:

The Treasury application released by the government earlier in the week may not be the right one and the most SBA lenders are saying they will not be ready tomorrow. As of this evening we have confirmation there are still changes being made to the program and the rules associated with it. As the form, processes, and underwriting requirements change, we will be ready on our side, for you.

You could end up waiting in line at one lender for weeks for your app to be considered. This is a reality and it’s extremely unfortunate. Your best bet is Us — we will collect the same information as a bank and match you to multiple SBA lenders as they come online. We will guide you down the best and fastest path possible for your business.

ROC will be adding lending partners rapidly over the next week. This will grow quickly. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to complete our inquiry form today so as lenders come online you are in the best position to hit the ground running.

I said it to all of our customers when this crisis began and I’ll say it again. We believe in the resiliency of our country’s small businesses. We believe in your business. We will be updating you regularly as things change. You can stay in tune in real time via our web site

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