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Fix & Flip

For a Faster Return On Investment

Our fix and flip loans allow you to purchase a property under market value, renovate it, and then sell it for a nice profit. We typically offer, a 1yr year term with no pre-payment penalty, which enables investors like you to maximize returns on quick flip projects. If you have a larger rehab project that is going to take longer than one year, do not worry we also offer 2 and 3 year terms on fix and flip loans.


  • Up to 95% LTC, or 90/100% LTV / Up to 75% ARV 

  • Loan amounts from $75K – 10MM 

  • 12-36 month term options 

  • Non-Recourse available 

  • Interest Only Loans 

  • No prepayment penalties 

  • 1 – 4 unit residential (We also have programs for 5 + unit projects) 

  • 1 time close on Fix to Rent properties that transition into long term, fixed rate loans 

  • No personal Income, DTI, or tax returns requirements 

  • First time investor program available

ROC Financial Solutions finances both the acquisition and renovation cost.  We use a basic 3-point method to qualify your funding.


  1. Investor Experience – We use your previous, verifiable investment transactions to see what tier you are in.  We also track your experience as you complete projects through us allowing you improve you borrowing power.  This means as your experience grows, you will pay less out of pocket as you go.   

  2. Project type - Not all projects are created equal.  Rehabbing a single-family residence is not the same as renovating a 4-unit apartment building or something different.  We offer financing for almost every type of real estate out there so this is an important step.  We ask questions such as what is your exit strategy?  Are you using a contractor for the rehab?  What is the rehab cost compared to the purchase price and ARV?  Projects that are considered “extensive rehab” have a different approach then something that just needs updating. 

  3. Location – clearly not all real estate markets are the same.   Part of our risk factor assessment is based on the property’s real estate market.  Do the numbers make sense?  Is the ARV realistic?  Dose the local market support buyers in that price range?   

We want to partner with you for a long time and help you grow your investment business.  By taking careful steps to qualify your project you will be more successful, and ROC Financial Solutions will be able to continue funding your deals. 

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