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Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans come in all types and sizes.  We offer many options for you to finance commercial and investment real estate.  If you’re looking for quick funding on a short-term loan to acquire and/or renovate a property, our Bridge Loan provides you with the flexibility that Investors need!   Terms range from 6 months to 5 years depending on the project type.  The shorter terms are great for a quick fix and flip, while the longer terms give you the flexibility to buy and hold, complete extended rehab, or even qualify for a conforming loan later.   


  • NO DOC, Stated Income and NO DTI 

  • Flexible FICO requirements 

  • No minimum DSCR  

  • Quick valuations on most properties 

  • Interest Only payment 

  • High leverage LTV’s 

  • Quick Closings 

  • These terms apply to most of our Bridge Loan programs 

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