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ROC Financial Solutions offers a wide variety of investment loan products for Real Estate Investors looking to purchase, refinance, renovate, or build investment and commercial properties. Our  funding products provide investors the ability to capitalize on fantastic real estate opportunities across the US.  Each Investor and project are different, so you will benefit from our one-on-one consultation.  Our borrowers do amazing work and we take great pride in being a part of the process.


  • Thousands of satisfied customers all across the country.

  • Trusted funding partner with more than 55% of our business coming from repeat Investors.

  • Strong Relationships throughout the investment industry enables us to offer great terms and resources.


Vision: Be a leader in offering the best selections of funding options for our clients. Deliver the fastest, simplest and most dependable project funding which enables investors to grow their portfolios, improve cash flow and build wealth.  We only succeed if our customers succeed, our loans perform and we together, are profitable.

Education: Help our investors both new and experienced grow and expand their knowledge base for success.  We are always expanding our options and tools to offer you valued resources for your business.  Innovate together and mutually resolve funding hurdles.


Core Values:  Honesty, Integrity, loyalty.  We are working hard to earn your business and keep you as a trusted client.

Grow:  Expand your business and toolbox.  Seek, share and build upon experiences and lessons learned.

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