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The Funding Market has changed.

In the wake of the unprecedented financial turmoil caused by the COVID-19 crisis, lending on real estate investment properties has changed significantly.

Our network of private & hard money funding partners has seen an almost 30% contraction over the last 2 weeks.

The good news is there are still safe, verified lenders that are looking to help you achieve your goals in real estate.

As larger economic components dictate the months ahead, we are seeing new players enter the industry.

Liquidity is down, but “fresh cash” is emerging for the right deals so we are currently contracting and vetting new capital partners to help back our funding.

We cannot guarantee that right now you will have as many options as usual, but we still encourage you to complete the Get a Investment Real Estate quote questionnaire if you need money to purchase any type of real estate investment.

We are here for you. We work for you. Our commitment is to you.

Thank you for your business,

Robert O'Connell

CEO, ROC Financial Solutions

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