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Private Money Loans for Churches

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

ROC Financial Solutions Offers Private Money Loans for Churches


Private Money Loans for Churches | How the Process Works:

Although most of the churches we work with have excellent credit and qualify for low-interest rates and great loan terms, there are times when churches fall into financial trouble. When a church falls into financial trouble it can be extremely difficult for them to work their way out, traditional lenders will not make loans to them, and private money lenders do not accept church properties as collateral. We created a fund specifically designed to solve this problem by raising money through private investors that are looking to earn above market returns on well collateralized real estate loans.

We will analyze your initial application as well as any documents you provide to us free of charge. If we can help, we will issue a written proposal and send it to you detailing the rates and terms of the loan. When you accept the proposal, we will order the due diligence items like the appraisal and title work and close the loan.

Our process is designed with the borrower in mind. We give clear and concise answers in one business day, and we do not charge upfront fees. We have helped churches with IRS issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure, discounted note payoffs, bad payment histories just to name a few.

Private Money Loans for Churches | Benefits of Borrowing from Us:

· Bankruptcies and foreclosures are accepted

· No minimum credit score

· Interest only options available to keep the payment low

· Speed – Closings in as little as 2 weeks

· Short term and long-term loans

· Discounted note payoffs are accepted

Loan Terms:

· Maximum loan to value of 60% on Private Money and 85% on good credit deals

· Amortizations are flexible and include 30 years and interest only payments

· Loans with no payments during the term are available (with proper exit strategy)

· Interest rates vary depending on risk

· Points vary depending on risk

· No personal guarantees are generally needed on church loans

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