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Grow your Cannabis Business

As legalized cannabis and marijuana products have spread across the US, many business owners are facing vast opportunities traditional banks aren’t servicing. This has created a growing need for financing cannabis business operations. Whether you are a dispensary, grower, manufacturer, or distributor of legal cannabis products, there is a need for financing to support and accelerate growth. We will take a look at ways to fund your cannabis dispensary, farm facility or other operations related to supporting the legal cannabis industry:

  • biotechnology

  • cultivation, growing and farming

  • dispensaries

  • hemp and CBD

  • consumption devices

  • marketing services

  • medical products, research and services

  • tourism

Most cannabis-based businesses have to raise money to support operations, so rather than give up equity, our programs allow entrepreneurs to keep control of the businesses they’ve built.

  • purchase inventory and supplies

  • make payroll

  • pay taxes

  • marketing

  • hire more employees

  • expand

To qualify, all we require is that your cannabis business generates at least $10k per month in revenue and has been in business for one year. No credit score required.

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