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Asset Funding

Your company is successful, but your traditional working capital facilities have become limited. You are using more of your cash to cover inventory and supplies. New opportunities are on the horizon, but your hands are tied.


  • Unsecured Revolving Trade Facilities from $100,000 to $5 Million

    • Great alternative to owner’s equity for your business expansion needs

    • Unsecured facility with no requirements for LOC, Lien, or UCC Filing Statements

    • No collateralization needed over products or services purchased

    • Transparent Fee Structure: Just one fee per transaction

  • Improves your working capital position

    • Frees Working Capital locked in the supply chain

    • Funds growth beyond the limits imposed by banks, ABL’s, and collateralized lenders

    • Appears as a Payable on the Balance Sheet

    • Will not interfere with Bank, ABL, or other finance structures

  • Expands Buying Power and Flexibility

    • Client’s gain the strength and flexibility of a ‘Cash Buyer’

    • Secure discounts and ‘preferred buyer’ terms – Accelerate payments to vendors

    • Improved Client-Vendor relationships – Transact directly and efficiently

    • Flexible: Fund transactions for products and services at any point in the Supply Chain

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