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Cannabis based business

The Cannabis business is growing with no end in sight.  With more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana each year, the need for financing cannabis business operations has grown.  We have compiled several resources to help business owners get the financing that they need.  ROC Financial Solutions has both real estate and working capital lending programs for this industry.

  • biotechnology

  • cultivation, growing and farming

  • dispensaries

  • hemp and CBD

  • consumption devices

  • marketing services

  • medical products, research and services

  • tourism

Most cannabis-based businesses have to raise money to support operations, so rather than give up equity, our programs allow entrepreneurs to keep control of the businesses they’ve built.

  • purchase inventory and supplies

  • make payroll

  • pay taxes

  • marketing

  • hire more employees

  • expand

To qualify, all we require is that your cannabis business generates at least $10k per month in revenue and has been in business for one year.

* Most programs are credit score flexible. 

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