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Real Estate investors can benefit from having a true financing partner, one that understands their unique objectives and helps them to achieve their goals, no matter how complex the situation.

ROC Financial Solutions LLC is a full service, one-stop private money lender/broker focused on funding Equity-Based deals through custom financing solutions to fit your needs.  We work with commercial and investment real estate such as Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed-use, Construction, and Land.  We also offer Business working capital and SBA loans.


If it "Makes Sense," our underwriting team understands it, even if the big banks don’t.  We do not focus on DTI ratios or credit scores.  We have the flexibility that banks don't have, we see opportunities where banks see problems, and we work relentlessly to get your funding fast.  With today's rigid underwriting guidelines, ROC Financial Solutions, LLC. has become an important source of capital for investors and business owners.


Some of our programs have highlights like these: No Income verification needed, Interest Only Payments, No Pre-Pay, No DOC/Stated Lite, High LTV, Foreign National or ITIN OK (some programs are subject to different guidelines).  We are stronger and less expensive than hard money.  Best of all, our programs are individually structured based on the client, the project type, and the location.  We Commercial Investment Real Estate and business loans nationwide. 

Check out our Resources Page to see how we you get started.


We're on a mission to revolutionize
REI funding!

ROC Financial Solutions LLC
(240) 521-6077

Loans from $75,000 to $50,000,000

Working Capital to build and

grow your business

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